Work Package 5: Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination of the results


WP5 will support and facilitate the communication and dissemination activities of this ERA-NETCofund with the funding bodies, the partners in this ERA-NET, linked research organisations,stakeholders, media and all other potential users of information emerging from the research projects of this ERA-NET. The communication and dissemination activities should have high impact in research communities and support the development of sustainable and resilient agricultural systemsand appropriate technologies in all partner countries. A key objective is to support the launched projects in an effective dissemination of their respective research results and a productive knowledge exchange with farmers (organisations) and all other non-scientific end-users in the whole food chain.

The key objectives of WP5 are as follows:

  • Develop a communication and dissemination strategy for knowledge exchange.
  • Develop a website for information about this ERA-NET Cofund on Monitoring and Mitigation of GHGs and for the funded projects
  • Develop information tools for the dissemination of the results of the funding projects,including newsletter, press releases, poster, leaflets, etc.
  • Initiate workshops/conferences and support dissemination and knowledge exchange activities carried out under the auspices of the funded organisations of the research projects.

Lead and Task leaders